They identify the woman who escaped after the crash in which Tomás Emery died: she is a judicial official

After relatives and friends of Tómas Emery demanded that the woman who was the protagonist of the crash in which she died in the Libertador Tunnel be identified, the task of the City and Justice Police was able to find her: She lives in Burzaco and is a judicial official from Lomas de Zamora.

Some witnesses had pointed out that after causing the Fatal accident in which Tomas Emery had this Mondaythe 26-year-old motorcyclist returning from work through the tunnel AV. del Libertador and La Pampa, in Belgrano, “a woman in a blue Onix stopped, but said she was going to tell someone and escaped from the place” without assisting the wounded man. The cause was labeled as “culpable homicide” and this Thursday it transpired that the woman, whose initials are RLShe was notified of the ongoing case at her home in Burzaco by personnel from the Homicide Division of the City Police.

Tomás Emery was 26 years old and died when a car crashed his motorcycle in the Libertador tunnel, in Belgrano.

As distinguished, the driver of the chevrolet onyx blue is secretary of a Court of Guarantees of Lomas de Zamora. The Buenos Aires security cameras allowed the vehicle’s license plate to be traced and thus located the woman’s home, in the Buenos Aires town of Burzaco. The Chevrolet Onix stayed kidnappedin accordance with the order issued by the National Criminal and Correctional Court No. 7, in charge of Dr. Paula González and before the Single Secretariat 121 of Dr. Silvina Damiano.

The order had been processed via exhortation before the Court of Guarantees No. 1 of the Judicial Department of Lomas de Zamora.

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Accident testimonies

“The boy was riding a green and black 400cc motorcycle. If it really was an accident and it was not with malicious intent, the person who was there should show his face. The family and friends want to know what happened,” Paloma, one of the witnesses, had said the day before, while another person present at the scene clarified that “the blue car locked him up, crashed him and then escaped as if nothing had happened.”

Facundo, one of Tomás Emery’s friends, had indicated in statements to TodoNoticias that “After the accident, the woman got out of the blue car, but her partner stopped her, told her that she had called the police and they ended up running away.”


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