Telecentre will be virtual Mobile Operator

This Thursday, May 18, ENACOM resolved allow Telecentro to offer cell phone services and mobile internet access as a Virtual Mobile Operator.

The mobile services market in Argentina currently has three operators that have their own infrastructure: Personal, Claro and Movistar. Through the measure taken this Thursday by the ENACOM Board of Directors,
Telecentro could use the network of current mobile operators to provide mobile servicesbecoming so in the fourth mobile operator.

The Virtual Mobile Operator regulation It is valid since 2016. Its purpose was to promote competition in the mobile services industry, an industry with a very high barrier to entry due to investment in the network and the
Difficulty in obtaining radio spectrum. However, said regulation had not generated much result. To date, the only MVNOs in the country are Tuentithat it is an OMV owned by Movistar and that it works
as his second brand, our (an MVNO between some federations of cooperatives and Personal, but with little customer use) and imowiCatel’s MVNO.

The businessman Alberto Pierri, owner of Telecentro. (CEDOC PHOTO)

Through the measure ordered by the regulator this Thursday, Telecentro, current provider of Fixed Telephony, Cable Television and Internet Access, may offer complementary mobile services to its fixed service offer. This measure is expected encourage competition, resulting in better prices and better quality for users, thus reducing inequality of access to digital services.

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