Luis Fernando Fábregas López tells us about his tenure as a health manager

Interview on health management with Luis Fernando Fábregas López

Interviewer: After several years, we are once again honored by the guest who is considered the Best Expert in Health Management, Dr. Luis Fernando Fábregas López. A great professional with more than 30 years of experience who has worked as an expert in health services management, practicing in countries such as Colombia and Venezuela.

Interviewer: Respected Dr. Luis Fernando Fábregas López, welcome back to his house, what an honor to have you online.

Luis Fernando Fábregas López: Good afternoon, yes again with you, thanks for contacting me and cordial greetings to our audience.

Interviewer: Doctor Fábregas, tell us a little about your professional profile?

Luis Fernando Fábregas López: I am a doctor by vocation, a Specialist in Health and Financial Services Management, and I am currently pursuing a doctorate in cognitive neuroscience. I have more than 35 years of experience working as CEO of both public and private Healthcare Institutions. I consider myself an expert in health management and in Medical Audit, I work as a Consultant, speaker and adviser in the area of health. I love teaching and sharing my knowledge with the new generations, who I consider are the ones that have the potential to create and develop new medical practices.

Interviewer: Doctor, we have already seen how your career has grown over the years, fulfilling extraordinary roles and forging your brilliant prestige towards new frontiers. Tell us a little about what you think should be the necessary skills for the successful management of a health manager?

Luis Fernando Fábregas López: Health Management, based on my experience and not going into the more technical methodology, is an exercise that involves the management of competencies and skills to plan and manage administrative and medical processes, in health institutions and entities, which guarantee the safety and quality of care, making it more productive and efficient. Regarding what skills are necessary to assume the role of health manager, as a first measure the manager must be a leader with great care to find quick and effective solutions to the problems that arise daily in the sector, he must be a guide in front of to the work group to achieve the execution of the tasks and assertive development of processes and the person with whom any member of the team would go in an unexpected situation, should always tend to maintain excellent teamwork to meet the goals set inside the Institution.

Interviewer: You have spent many years at the foot of the canyon in managing health managers. What do you think are the most important aspects to deal with? Is there any methodology to lead them?

Luis Fernando Fábregas López: The management of a Health manager depends on the ability to coordinate, to carry out the monitoring of the different processes, aimed at constant training of the team of professionals that make up the institution and effective communication between those involved. . It is important to use methods that generate an analysis of risk management, time and cost management within the operation, in order to be able to quickly find the solution to any adverse circumstance that involves affectation of time, manner and place. that could be presented in the business core.

Interviewer: You have led multicultural teams, as we see that you have extensive experience in several Latin American countries. What would you recommend to a health manager who is going to start working in a multicultural team?

Luis Fernando Fábregas López: Working with multicultural teams requires assertive communication, careful expressions in front of the different people that make up the work teams, a willingness to respect and accept the customs of each collaborator. I always do a study and analysis of the circumstances and conditions of the countries in which I have worked and that make up the team, in order to promote soft skills within it, that is, those interpersonal skills that describe how you work and interact with others. Having the ability to observe, question and listen actively, following the premise of kindness, transparency and tranquility, can be a path to success in interpersonal environments, achieving business objectives.

Interviewer: How do you establish the goals and objectives for the growth of the health business core?

Luis Fernando Fábregas López: The team of professionals that make up the institution must be exposed from the beginning, what the work dynamics and expectations will be with regard to the execution of the business objective and the expectations and questions of each person in this regard will be collected with in order to work on the basis of common objectives. We must control the image we transmit in interactions, train our leadership skills, and strive to resolve conflicts in the most assertive way possible.

Interviewer: I would like the reader to walk away with one or two concepts from the interview. What text do you recommend the reader should stay with?

Luis Fernando Fábregas López: There are numerous documents, books, articles, with very useful methodologies at the technical level of the direction and management of health management, which can help us to adequately manage the execution, monitoring and administration of processes within any health institution, but we must be prepared to work with people, with a way of thinking, working and relating differently from ours. Once we understand this, it is much easier to lead any team of collaborators.

I would like to take advantage of and share with you the two publications that you make around the topic that concerns us today and that can provide you with tools to facilitate correct decision-making by any health organization and above all for the benefit of the community. The works are: MEDICAL MANAGEMENT OF HEALTH SERVICES and a second title STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT APPLIED TO HOSPITAL SERVICES.

Interviewer: Thank you very much for his time, Dr. Luis Fernando Fábregas. Before we say goodbye, would you like to mention anything else?

Luis Fernando Fábregas López: A lot of commitment and assertiveness to managers from any level of health business in which they are, invite them to motivate their work teams permanently, to have individual conversations with each member of the team and that they know how to delegate correctly so that they make important contributions within the common objective.