Inflation in December marked 5.1% and accumulated the highest annual rise since hyperinflation

The National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC) released this Thursday 12th of January the data of inflation Delaware December past that was located in 5.1% making the accumulated annual at 94.8% that if well I do not reach three figuresIt is the highest data at an annual level since the hyperinflation of fines of the 80s and early 90’s.

The division that produced the largest increase in December was restaurants and hotels (7.2%), followed by alcoholic beverages and tobacco (7.1%). In turn, in the last month of 2022, the the increase in domestic servicethat impacted on home equipment and maintenance (5.9%); of fuels, with incidence in Transportation (5.8%); and the prepaid medicine quota, within the Health division (5.7%).

The Government promotes parity of 60% to “slow down” inflation

The rise of Food and non-alcoholic drinks (4.7%) fuel the one that affected the most in most regions. It will highlight the increase in fruits; Mineral waters, soft drinks and juices; Bread and cereals. In some of the regions, vvegetables, tubers and legumes.

Regarding the categories, the IPC core (5.3%) led the monthly rise, followed by Regulated (5.1%) que, impacted, among others, the rises in fuels and prepaid medicine quotas; and Seasonal (4.6%).

looking ahead

The private analysts who participate in the Survey of Market Expectations (REM) published by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic had projected inflation for December 5.5%, implying an implicit expected variation of 95.5% at the end of the yearvery close 94.8% revealed by INDEC and 3.5 percentage points below forecast from the November survey.

Likewise, for sergio masaMinister of Economy, the deceleration presented by the CPI in november It can be interpreted as the beginning of a dynamic that will be sustained during the first quarter of 2023 driven by controls such as Fair Prices. It should be remembered that the Government aims for a price increase by 2023 60%.

Inflation in November was 4.9%, the lowest since March

The implicit data in the 2023 Budget disagrees with REM that, he anticipated that the projections will be around the area of ​​the three digits for the current yearsince private analysts project that inflation will reach levels of the 98.4%.


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