ChatGPT already has an app for iPhone, and its Android version is in progress

OpenAI Inc. brings its generative artificial intelligence tool for the first time ChatGPT to smartphones. An iPhone version came out Thursday and promises a service for Android devices in the future.

The software, which is free, is already available in the United States for iOS devices through Apple Inc.’s App Store. Users can write questions and receive answers from the chatbot. It also includes speech recognition so users can voice their queries, according to a Thursday blog post from the Palo Alto, California-based startup. However, the bot will only respond in writing. The app also syncs text-based conversions across multiple devices.

Users who pay for OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus subscription can also use its powerful GPT-4 language model through the app, the company said. OpenAI plans to offer its app in more countries in the coming weeks and hopes to release the Android version soon.

Since its launch on the web late last year, millions of people have experimented with ChatGPT and other bots, like Alphabet Inc.’s Bard, created by Google. Users are already using ChatGPT and its ilk for everything from typing greetings to birthdays to code, but they are also prone to display bias and create credible fiction.

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The release of the iOS app may bring ChatGPT within the reach of many more people than the web version of the chatbot. It could also bring OpenAI more directly to consumer scrutiny through reviews that users can post on the App Store for others to read.

“We can’t wait to see how we use the app,” the company said in its blog post. “As we collect user feedback, we are committed to continually improving ChatGPT’s features and security.”

Users will use the premium version to get faster response times as well as previews of new features.

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